Photo Diary: Boracay 2012 part 2

SHADES: Jelly bean | SHOES: Primadonna


WATCH: Casio

Here's another Photo Diary of my Boracay 2012 trip together with my outfit that day. At last, I had the chance to enjoy and embrace more of what Boracay has to offer to tourists and vacationists. We had a pretty hectic day that time because it was our last day. We were supposed to be there for 3 days but we got stranded in the bus in our first night due to heavy rains. It was a very long drive to Boracay. We had to take a lot of vehicles before we get to Paradise as people say. Got the chance to experience the Flying fish ride which is somewhat like the banana boat but there are still differences. It was actually the only ride I road but it was fun. After taking advantage of the sun, we headed back to the Hotel and ate lunch then it was time to say goodbye to Boracay!

It was fun, having to spend some quality time with my family. It was a pretty good experience. I am so thankful for my family most especially my parents because if it wasn't for them, I won't get the chance to experience things and get to go to so many places. They just won't let the year pass without going to different and beautiful place. I love them all!

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Hope you like it! God bless!


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