Bohol Video Diary 2016


Gathered all the clips I shot from my Bohol trip last December 2016 into one video to share here. Bohol was nothing but amazing and I am truly blessed to have seen its beauty. Every place has its own story to unfold, if only I could tell it all to you here I would but it's better to just keep you hanging for you to go see and discover it yourself. It was really unplanned I must say because me and my family had no idea what there is to see except for the famous "Chocolate Hills". Good thing there was a local tour guide who lead us to some pretty good places. First day was packed, we were able to got to 6 different tourist spots. Second day was island hopping and it was breathtaking. What's the scorching heat when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the islands we went to. Third day, we explored Panglao Island. Lastly, fourth day, we mostly stayed in our hotel because we finished the tour way to early than expected. Then we bid our goodbyes to Bohol in dawn for our flight. 

I will be sharing some photos I took in the next few posts. 

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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