Being found breathless lately with how fast time goes by. These are the times where adult decisions need to made. I'm not growing any younger for my age is not included in the teen years anymore. Can't believe that in just a year I'll be graduating in a course I now can confirm I am happy and contended with. To tell the truth, it took me 3 years to accept that I am a Fashion student. My heart was telling me 'Yes you love Fashion' but my mind says 'No' because many people will look down on you for not a lot succeed in this field. For 3 years this was my dilemma, looks small for many but for me it's a big deal. My College course directs me to the career path I am going to take so for me it is something that really needs to be thought of very well. Many incoming College students go through the same problems.  We keep on creating questions in our minds. At that time, when I was really confused, God spoke to me telling that I just need to trust Him. I entered College even though part of me was unhappy. During God's process of having me realize His plans, I learned to accept that this is what He wants for me and that this is where I will excel and it was the truth. I am now excited for the great things there is in store for me in the incoming years. 

2016 has so far been good to me. Even this view is leaving me breathless. These bunch was taken in January where I had the chance to go on a 2 day stay in the beach with my family. All I can say is God is truly an amazing creator. 

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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