I wore this to a day with my family since it's a holiday today and there are no classes. Right now, here in the Philippines, the weather is Bipolar, sometimes it's going to rain then the sun rises again that's why I am a bit confused if I had to go with an over-sized knitted top or my jumpsuit itself only. At the end, I just decided to bring my over-sized knitted top.

I am so sorry for the very low quality of pictures, I had to take pictures indoor because I didn't have the time to take pictures with the sun except for this one

I am actually loving this Over-sized knitted jacket. You'll get to see this more here in my blog.
SHOES: Sole mate

BAG: from Singapore | OVER- SIZED KNITTED JACKET: from Australia

Details on my Jumpsuit.

JUMPSUIT: Bisou D'eve

I am so sorry for my tired look. I am really tired at that time.

Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia.

I hope you like it!God bless!


  1. I like it when you are wearing the jumpsuit alone. :) You look great!

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me! God bless!


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