Royalties at night

I was eagerly wanting to do this post first because I know that a lot of girls wants to have an idea of what they could wear in their best night even though I have too many backlogs(sorry for that!). So here it is!

Everything by Maimalan by Rop Syquia

This is what every girl has been dreaming of! PROM! Our Prom was held last Friday February 8. It was my last Prom with my beloved friends and classmates which I am going to miss a lot. Our theme for the night was Old English so we were tasked to wear vintage and royalty type of clothes.

Everytime I think about this kind of events, I always remember Rop Syquia who designed every gown I wear for the past years. I always comeback to his studio every time I get emergencies like this because I know he will never fail me. He is a wonderful designer and I trust his Craft and Creativity. He provided everything, from the gown, accessories also the head dress. Do you still remember my last year's post about my junior prom? I was also wearing one of his designs. He always bring out the unexpected. I loved the gown that night and all I can feel was like I was one of the royalties back in time. I highly recommend going to him because he is the best. 

I'll be having a different post about my prom so watch out for that.

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Hop you liked it! God bless!


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