Photo Diary: Boracay 2012 part 1

So before 2012 ended, me and my family got the chance to go to Boracay. My family loves going on trips and discovering new things.

These are some snaps from Boracay as well as my outfit that day.

SHADES: Jelly Bean

WATCH: Casio

PEPLUM SHORTS: Folded and Hung


This is what Bloggers like me would do if they haven't had anything to do when something important came up. Take pictures of yourself and the view was the only main thing I did in our first day in Boracay while the rest of my family where having fun experiencing all the fun rides that Boracay has to offer. It's so sad to see myself watching and taking pictures of them while they are having the time of their lives. Well, the last thing we did that night was to eat seafood for dinner and it was my first time to eat lobster which I expected was bigger but it was yummy like what they say. Having to take the rest of December to a vacation with my family was the best. I had a good time with my family.

My outfit was somewhat summer-y even though it's still December because it was still hot in Boracay as always(I think). Well it rained for a bit at night. This is my first time to have my very own scarf top. It's cute actually.

Well, you may also check out my sister's blog here. She just started blogging this year so you may as well support her like how you supported this blog so I want to say thank you to all the readers. Love you all!

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Hope you like it! God bless!


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