New Year's Red

This is my New Year's Eve outfit.

TOP: Essenxa


WATCH: Casio | BANGLE: Shop o Jewels | BRACELET: Y.R.Y.S.
Thank you so much to Shop o Jewels for sending this bangle to me! I really like it!

Don't know why I thought of wearing red capri pants, I just took it out of my closet and then I wore it but I have been wanting to wear this top ever since I got it. It's cute and very girly. Loving the fit. I am very sorry for the big hips, high-waisted pants make hips look big, well no one's perfect.

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We should always thank God for the years He has given us, thank Him always, anywhere you are. God would be very proud if we thank Him always. He has always been very good to us. Thank Him for the blessings, protection, friends, family and most especially for the Love. If it wasn't for Love He wouldn't do all of these to us. 

Hope you like it! God bless!


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