Next Stop: Hongkong Disneyland

Yeah I know, it's a bit too late for this post but still I want to continue showing you how our trip went last December. 

After celebrating New Year's 
Eve, the other day was pretty exciting because our next stop is HONGKONG DISNEYLAND! WOOOOHHHOOOO!. Though I was so exhausted from the celebration, I still can't put away the smile on my face because it's every little kid's dream to go to Disneyland, even though I'm not a child anymore, haha!. I can't stop but get excited, I have received a lot of good comments about Disneyland and everything they said was true, It was truly a very MAGICAL place. I really loved that place and still I can't get over it.

We stayed in Disneyland the whole day. We ate lunch there, we watched shows, rode a lot of rides, took a lot of pictures, had fun and cherished the moments our family had there.

Look at my background, Mickey is surfing, cool right?

We watched the parade. It was so cool cause you'll see a lot of Disney characters in person. They dance, they sing and even let's the people come and join them dance in the middle. It was a fantastic parade.

The lady in the middle was so friendly. We didn't even asked her to join in the picture but she just went right to us, asking us if we want a picture with her and then joined us. Look how big the Gingersnap is, cool right?

We actually bought the Cap we were wearing inside Disneyland because the sunlight was ranging into our faces but we still felt cold.

The Castle was so big and beautiful.

We went to Tomorrow land. We rode a lot of rides in there like Space Adventure which is the coolest roller coaster ever though it really gave me a big head ache after, riding it was the best and Astro Blasters which we need to defeat Zig from Buzz Light year.

We also entered the newest place in Disneyland and it is Toy Story land. We rode the RC racer which  is a toy car going forward and backwards, every time it goes forward and backwards it gets more faster, it was the scariest thing ever, I never thought that I would had the guts to ride that and also the Toy soldier drop which is a parachute that goes up and down. We forgot about taking photographs of it because we were too busy falling in line for rides but my aunt has and I'll make sure to post for you to be able to see it.

Me, my cousins and sisters was just so happy to be in Disneyland.

Cool shops and stores inside Disneyland. It is where me and my family bought a lot of souvenirs. Going through that place was like your in a very different world.

The coolest fireworks ever. After having a very long day of adventure in Disneyland, there were still more surprises and one of those was this Firework show. I super duper loved it.

After the firework show, it was time to say a BIG GOODBYE to Disneyland. I was so sad yet very hapry because I got the chance to experience the amazing world inside Disneyland.

GOODBYE Disneyland!

Well, that's the end of our trip in Disneyland but still the trip isn't over yet. We went to a lot of places after.

Hope you liked it.


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