Jose Rizal is so COOL!

 Isn't Jose Rizal COOL in the print?. Putting shades on was the coolest idea of all. Thanks to my teacher who have thought of that print, well, I loved it so much that's why I want you all to see it. 

Haven't I told you that I was a member of our school's Theater Arts Club?. There are a lot of things that I haven't told you yet but as you read my blog, you'll all know more about me. We made this tee in order for us to have a remembrance of what play we made this school year. It was entitled "Piso" just like what is written in the shirt. I'll tell you more about the story next time and I'll even post some pictures.


WATCH: Bench | JEANS: GIORDANO (from Hongkong)

SHOES: Converse

 Oh, before I forget, I wanna say something about my Converse. It is my favorite sneakers because when I bought it, It comes with different designs and colors of Shoe laces that's why I can easily pair it with different colors of clothes. I just love it. It's plain but the Shoe laces gives it a little touch of drama. Cool right??

I hope you like it.


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