PROM: Awards Night

 I'm so excited to show you all the pictures that my sister took and to tell you who got awards and stuff. 

At first I was so nervous because I don't know what might happen. I was just so afraid I might fall while walking on the red carpet with my heels. I just don't know what to do. My heart was beating faster and faster every time we got closer to the venue. But unfortunately, I never expected that it would be really fun in the end.
Everybody were at their best. All my friends and classmates looks so gorgeous and stunning that night.

My mom and sister.

My classmates who are walking in the red carpet.

Me with my partner. He is a bit shy because he said I was too tall for him that night. 

Performance. Sorry for this blurred picture.

Friend and classmates. (L-R) Me, Michael(nominated for Mr. Congeniality), Patty (winner for Ms. Congeniality).

Dingdong (It's his nickname).

Jasper. He won PROM King.

(L-R) Patty, Harold, Jasper, Yepin, Louis, Marichu.


My classmate Rod.

My classmate Kirby.

My partner Brent.

Steven (also known as Benjo). 



(L-R) Marichu, Jireh, Raffy, Steven.



Dada. I like what he is wearing, very unique yet vintage. He should of won "Best Suit" but the winner was also deserving too.

Ayana. She looks so gorgeous.


Ms. Congeniality

Me and my friend Dada, just goofin' around.

My mom and my sister.

So now is the time to tell you if I won any awards. Unfortunately I didn't, but I got nominated twice. I never really expected to get nominated for "Best Dress" and "Face of the Night". Even though I didn't get one I'm still so happy because it's such an honor to get nominated and the winners were also deserving too, actually everybody deserved to win. Everybody looked gorgeous and handsome. They all put effort to their clothes. PROM was made for teenagers to enjoy, not to weep about not winning any award. For me I enjoyed it. It doesn't matter if I didn't win, atleast I enjoyed the night.

To all those Seniors and Juniors who are having their Prom soon, Enjoy!

Hope you like it.


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