Sophisticated RED

GOWN: Maimalan by Rop Syquia

Thank you so much to Rop Syquia. If it wasn't for him, I have nothing to wear to PROM and especially he knows what style I like. He is full of ideas and he is a great designer. I super love his designs and and he is very friendly too. For sure you'll also like his designs when you see them.

CONNECTOR RING: S.M. Accessories | CLUTCH: borrowed it from my mom

SHOES: Rusty Lopez

I'm so sorry for this late post. I didn't have much time to blog about PROM. So now I do.

Let me define PROM first. PROM is every girls dream. Prom is where you can see elegant and beautiful clothes. PROM is where Juniors and Seniors have fun. That is how I define PROM.

This is what I wore to Prom. A simple nude colored gown. Nude colored clothes makes you look whiter and it looks so elegant. I really wanted RED lips. I was planning to wear RED lipstick for PROM and so I did. Vintage isn't it!

I'll post tomorrow what happened to PROM and what awards were said that night. I'll tell you tomorrow if I received an award.

hope you like it.


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