Goodbye Macau and say HELLO to Hongkong!

Goodbye Macau and say HELLO to Hongkong!

I was so sad that time because we had to leave Macau. We only stayed there for like 3 and a half days only. I so miss Macau and I will never forget the great people we met there.I wanna give thanks to the Filipina who helped us find our Flat and to her cutest daughter Yanee who accompanied us on our trip, to the woman who roamed us around in Macau, and lastly to Melissa and Aaron who owned the flat and let us stay there (they were very friendly Americans).

Look how cute Melissa and Aaron's dog is. It's name is Levi. Cute isn't it??

After saying goodbyes we all got sad because we're going to miss them and Macau .

And now off to Hongkong.

We rode a boat to Hongkong because Hongkong is a boat away from Macau. I a lmost got sea-sick because I wasn't used to riding boats. I got dizzy and that's when I felt so tired from our trip in Macau but I said to myself, no one is going to stop me from discovering Hongkong.

After riding a boat, we went to a hostel where we are going to stay for a couple of days. We stayed a little bit and then off to the Museum but we did not go their to see statues or history but to watch fireworks. We celebrated New Year's eve in Hongkong and like our tradition, they too watch fireworks. Hongkong was colder than Macau.

Look, there is a lot of people!

And I just wanna add a little romantic story. After the firework show, we walked to the hostel and while walking we saw a man kneeling down in front of a woman holding a bouquet of flowers. It was so sweet that the man asked the woman to marry him and all the people shouted and went around them. I just hope that someday that that would also happen to me, at the right time; right man and right place.

hope you like it!


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