Tour in Macau: Day 3

I'm sorry if i didn't continue posting about our trip in Macau and Hongkong. I got busy about school work and everything. So now it continues...

Discover with me the beauty of Macau.

Yeah, so on the next day of our trip we went to this temple. We never got the chance to take pictures inside the temple because we were not allowed.

After going to the temple, we took a bus to this Zoo-like place where we can see real life Pandas.

Look how cute the Pandas were. They're so fluffy.

Next stop is the Venetian Hotel which was so big and beautiful.

Look at the Grand Canal Shops. This place is inside The Venetian Hotel. It's so cool that I even thought we were in Venice. This place gives you the Venice-feeling.

After that, we went to the City of Dreams where we got the chance to watch the famous "The House of Dancing Waters". This show was so incredible and I loved it. You will love it too!

It was also a very tiring day but nothing stopped us from seeing the beauty of Macau. This day was awesome and so unforgettable. You'll love Macau too as much as I did. It was just so sad that we had to leave the next day and went off to see Hongkong. I'll post everything that happened the next day.

I hope you like it!.


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