Back when I was a little child

jumpsuit: Hang ten

shirt: Red girl

necklace: A gift from a friend

ring: Fudge rock

shoes: Primadonna

Well, people sometimes mistake me as a College girl but in reality I'm not, I'm still in Highschool. They sometimes even think that I was older than my sister because I was taller than her.

But now, I wore today something that makes me look like a little girl. It also reminds me when my mom usually brings me to her work because my clothes back then looks a little bit like what I am wearing today. It all got back to my mind a while ago that what I did today was like what I did a long time ago when I was a little kid. I went shoe shopping today with my mom. Me and my mom only.

Me and my mom went shoe shopping today because prom is so near and I won't let you miss out the outfit that I am going to wear so watch out for it.

hope you like it,


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