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Here's a new segment I'll be doing here on the blog whenever I feel inspired. I'm hoping I get to do this more often as I can share to you random things that has been playing a big part in the on-going development of my aesthetic. I can say that my aesthetic changes a lot depending on my mood and the things that surround me. 

Maybe I could somehow add updates with current happenings and events lately in my life but for now here are some snaps I took. I can't believe that it only took me half an hour to edit and layout everything. This segment has been on my mind for quite a long time now but I just can seem to find time to execute them. And now, I am happy that it is coming to life here on this virtual space of mine. 

Oh, and in less than a week my term break will end. I wasn't even able to live and breathe my 1 month break because of the things that has been keeping me busy and obviously it is not this blog. I can't promise anything but I'll try my best to update more. There are still a lot of ideas I have going in my mind right now that I am hoping  I get to share with everyone here. 

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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