Taking a step further with this blog by sharing my life story and how "JUST KEEP DREAMING" began. In the beginning, my 16 years old self enjoyed collecting magazines patronizing just one periodic publication and from there my interest in Fashion developed. It was Candy Magazine that helped me discover more of what I want to accomplish in the future. The magazine featured a lot of articles not only about Fashion but motivating teenagers like me at the time to be fearless and reach for their dreams. At the back portion of the magazine was where they featured bloggers and style icons. I would always go to my browser and look for their blogs and check for new Fashion updates. Seeing and reading how these bloggers enjoyed sharing their love for Fashion made me want to make one for myself. I wanted a platform wherein I can share my journey filled with exploring myself and love for Fashion.

I was determined to create a blog not even considering some factors I should be knowledgeable of. At the time I was the girl who had no idea about how a blog works, no photography skills, was not even good at English words and the list goes on. What I had that time was the guts and perseverance to do something I know I'd be happy about. I did some research, learned how to create a blog and edit photos with the help of Google. My mom then suddenly thought of buying a DSLR camera so I have now crossed that out of the list of my problems. When I first did a blog post I knew my English was not so good and then I fearlessly clicked "publish". I had my sisters as my critics which was good for me because at least I knew where my mistakes was then. It helps to have the people who knows you better than anyone to judge your work, giving you their best and most honest opinion. This blog has been up and running for years now and I haven't regretted owning it. I am still learning and am having fun with how this is turning out for me.

This was rather a HEAVY post but nonetheless it was just fulfilling to post this up here in my blog. There are still a lot to talk about related to a topic such as this. I still have a lot of things in mind to share here. I hope that you guys won't get bored and just only enjoy getting to know me more. 

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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