Travel Diary 1

After so many failed attempts in making a travel vlog, here is my first. I never knew that vlogging could be so hard most especially when your following a certain time. And, with my intention to make good content, whenever I didn't like the angled shot I won't be able to re-shoot it again because of the insufficient time. So please bear with me when I say that I tried my best and that I did all that I could to showcase something different on the blog.

Places we went to:
1. Tagaytay - We first went to Tagaytay to meet with some of our relatives and to eat breakfast. We ate at Pancake House where the food was delightful. I finished my pancakes in just 10-15 minutes.

2. Villa Escudero, Quezon Province - We then traveled more than 4 hours just to experience eating lunch on a man-made falls with our feet dipped in the water. I wasn't able to vlog our lunch because we ate with bare hands. It was nice but the place was just too crowded. After lunch we watched a Cultural dance presentation. Staff and employees were the performers. Lastly, we checked out the museum where there was a lot of antique furniture, paintings, art installations and many more.

3. Tagaytay Highlands - Then we went back to Tagaytay and headed to our hotel reservations at the most amazing Tagaytay Highlands. It was my second time there and nothing has changed. It's still serene and beautiful. I've always wanted to go back ever since my first but we never got the chance to.

In the morning, we ate brunch then we packed our bags and said our goodbyes to our relatives and to the place. It was so sad because I didn't want to leave. The place and weather was nice. After then, we explored some shops in Tagaytay then we went back home.

The trip was nice. Experiencing breezy air over the summer was what I loved about it. I had a good time with my family even though we were incomplete.

Sorry for a very long post. I just wanted to detail out everything we did on the trip.  

Hope You like it! God bless!


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