De Cru

DRESS: Vintage | SHOES: borrowed from my sister

"De Cru" means vintage in French if ever you're curious and this outfit speaks a lot about it. Mainly, I was inspired by the film "Flipped". I've watched the film for so many times but I never grew tired of it. One factor why I liked it so much is because of the main character's fashion. I just wanted to recreate Julie Baker's style.  I know that florals were not a trend back then but in my defense it is the perfect length for a dress and I wore ankle-high socks and sneakers which best exemplifies Julie's style in the film. This is the best alternative I can find in my closet. Well actually, this dress is originally not mine. It was my grandmother's. I saw a lot of great pieces in my grandmother's closet and this is one of them. Another factor is that it's just a really good film.

So now, I'll be leaving you with a song played in the film. 

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Hope you like it! God bless!


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