YOLO for Jesus

For today I'm gonna show another video I made which is really not the reason why I have been very busy these past few weeks. But back to the video, me and my family went to this place called Palili here in the province where I live in to hand over some school supplies to kids who really need them. It was very touching and heart breaking when I saw all those kids' smiles as well as their parents. They were very grateful even in just little things. Asides from giving them school supplies to them, we also shared the gospel of the Lord to them, something to give them strength even though they go through tough times. Jesus is Lord (Liverpool) Australia was generous enough to donate a big amount of money to buy all those school supplies. They were good enough to share all there blessings they have been receiving from God.

I am so blessed to have a good life and going to that mission was one of the things that made me realize that I am really blessed. Do every good thing God wants you to do because YOLO(You only live once) for Jesus.

God bless everyone!


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