Happy thoughts! Blessed!

Another video to blog about!

I have been really loving filming about things/occasions instead of taking pictures. I love documenting events/occasions that I go to in order for me to remember more of the happy times. I like watching it rather than just looking at it(picture). There's just something great about watching than just looking and videos than pictures.

These videos showcase all the people I'll be missing(my Highschool classmates/friends). I made two videos for them. It was something that I could remember of them because we all parted ways. Like what I said in my past video(Huge Collective Haul: February & March) is that I graduated Highschool and now I am moving on to college. I'm going to miss them a lot. There's just something different about this class that I know a lot of people would get by with easily. I am so happy and blessed that they became my friends/classmates.   

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Hope you like it! God bless!


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