OMBRE's second


OWL RING: Shop o' Jewels

LEGGINGS: Cococabana

This is it! This is the outcome of the DIY I did. Why did I choose violet? Simply because it's one of my favorite colors for this season. I wore this to another lovely sunny Sunday. I know that there's no right excuse to why I am wearing Long-sleeved tops to a very sunny day but I didn't want to miss the opportunity of letting you see this very wonderful DIY top I did just for you guys. I also went with metallic accessories like this cute Owl Ring I got from Shop O' Jewels. The shop is also closing soon so I hope you'd get the chance to visit their shop because they still have very cute and affordable products that are still available.

Hype my look on Lookbook and Chictopia.

Hope you like it! God bless!


  1. Wow that is a really nice shirt ! Great color !

    I saw you on Chictopia and decided to visit your blog.
    It's always a pleasure to discover great blogs such as yours !
    I am your new follower, hope you can visit my blog too !

    Katerina from

    PS You are also welcome to join TOPSHOP ( LOVE ) GIVEAWAY on my blog!
    Just follow couple of simple steps and you may win any item you want from their collection for free and delivered to you !
    All details here :

    Thank you for your time and have a great day !

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I love your blog. You're so beautiful! God bless!

      p.s. I'll be joining your Giveaway!


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