MY style HER style - Lois Anne (PART 1)

So I did a little collaboration with my sister which I was really thrilled and excited to show you guys. It was a little bit tricky but I had fun doing it as well as my sister Lois Anne. We picked out 2 outfits from each other's closet and we styled each other but in a way that it is our personal style (get it?? haha). You'll probably understand it more when you see the video we did for you guys! Watch out for that! We were tasked to pick out 2 outfits for each other with a Spring-y/Summer-y type of look.

This is the first outfit I picked out from her closet which looks a bit like a kid. I found this vintage denim jumper from her closet which I really got attracted to so I told my self it's Perfect! I'm so happy that she still keeps her old clothes because Old is becoming the new trend. It's simple, perfect for Summer and Spring, fresh and clean, and I love it! 

Will be posting the next outfit soon as well as mine and the video! You may check out my sister's blog for the outfit details and more pictures. 

Hope you like it! God bless!


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