Who said Florals and Polkas can't go together?

I am so in love with girly colors right now, I just can't seem to find a reason why not to love them. This is what I wore to a Sunday but rain is falling. Still, the rain doesn't stop, I hope everyone's okay right now. I have been praying for all those people who got affected by the flood. I will never stop praying for them.

SHOES: Primadonna

BAG: from Singapore

So now, I would like to repeat the question, WHO SAID FLORALS AND POLKAS CANT GO TOGETHER?

The print on my skirt is polka dots and the print on the pocket of my top is floral.
SKIRT: Jellybean

TOP: from my Mom

This is actually a last minute outfit because I can't choose which outfit to wear that time. I just took the most random clothes I have and the wore it but turned out pretty nice though, what do you think?

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Hope you like it! God bless!
Remember to pray for those who got affected by the flood. They really need our help. Just a simple prayer would do.



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