It's the movie I watched: Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

My family and I likes to bond together and one of our way to bond is to watch a movie all together. We will all gather in the living room. My dad has a tons of movies and he thought of watching this movie. He never watched it that's why he wants to watch it together with us. 

I really loved the movie. It has a good message. You really recommend everyone to watch this, it has a special message that everyone should know. Even though this movie was filmed back 2002 it is still a good movie.

In this captivating sequel, journalist Buck Williams and a group of survivors survivors known as the TRIBULATION FORCE know the truth about the new leader of the new Global Community, Nicholae Carpathia. He has not come to save the world, and he is most certainly not the Messiah, he is the Antichrist. But who will believe them as the world rushes toward the apocalypse

I won't be telling you much of the story, that is how far I can say about the movie because it's better if you watch it yourself and let your eyes be opened by the truth.

There is also a part 1 of the movie, I haven't watched it yet but sooner or later I'll be watching it.

I hope I am not affecting other religions, that is not really my intention, I just want to share the things I do most of the time.

I hope you like it! God bless!


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