Trying to play with the rain

This is what I wore to my fist day of school yesterday. It was a very fun day. I get to see my friends again and I get to share the love of the Lord to them. I am sorry for not posting about what I did at the last week of May. Expect for it tomorrow or this Saturday.

Now, back to my outfit. I went with something simple and something very comfy because it was raining so hard. I thought of wearing boots since it was very cold. I was a bit afraid to wear boots at first because the sun may shine again and it might get hot but since the weather coped up with me very well, I was so happy. Pants and a simple top is how simple I can get.

I really tried playing with the rain. 

TOP: Fudge Rock

PANTS: Hang Ten

BOOTS: From Macau
Every time I see these boots, it just kept on reminding me about our trip in Macau. I really loved it there.
Know more about the trip in here.

WATCH: Bench

BIB: Sugar-Kissed

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