Just a Teaser!

This is just a Teaser from our shoot  today with one of the best photographers I know. I so love her photos. We had a shoot this day with her and it was really a fun shoot with the whole crew. I will never forget how fun this day went.

The models was me and my best friend Maloth. We were best friends since we were in elementary and we just hang-out fro the shortest time of period that's why we thought of having a photo shoot.

Our make-up artist was Marichu Uy who we call an expert on make-up. I loved how my make-up want today. Her assistant was Denize Manuel and she was also considered a photographer.

Make- up atrist: Marichu Uy
Assistant Make- up Artist and Photographer: Denize Manuel
Photographer: Shaira Olaya
Models: Me and Maloth Rojas

I'll be posting soon the whole shoot! Watch out for it!

Hope you like it! God bless!


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