I know this a late post for Mothers day but I still want to post this.

First of all I want to say that I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU MOM! I hope you're seeing my special post for you. 

This is just a photo diary of my childhood and my sisters' too. 

My mom is my best friend because I can open up my problems to her and then she gives me advices like what to do and a lot more. There's so many things I can describe about Mom. For me, she is the No. 1 Mom in the World.

 This is my youngest sister Lyra.
 I am the one in the middle. The one at the left is my sister Lois Anne and the one on the right is also my sister Hannah.

 I am the one that my Lola is carrying. I'm so little before unlike today.

My mom is a SUPER MOM because she works very hard for me and my family. She gives time for us to get together and bond even though she is very busy at work. She disciplines us very well. She really cares for our future. She supports us a lot. She is the best Mom ever. I would never ever regret having a Mom like her. I will always thank God for giving me a Mom like her. 

That's why we should always appreciate the hard work our Moms are doing for us. We should love them. We should always make them happy.

 Sorry for the blurry photos though.

I hope you like it! God bless!


  1. not too late to post tributes to our mothers --- why, everyday is mothers' day.

  2. Yeah, you right! haha. I agree with you.:)


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