Summer diaries: Tea day

Me and my sisters headed to the city to finish our businesses there and after, my sister went to the mall to buy an infiniTEA. It is a drink or refreshment that people say that tastes good and now I believe them. I have heard about the drink before but never got the chance to taste it until my sister bought one for each of my sisters and I. I actually loved it. My sister bought 4 different flavors: Caramel, Winter Melon, Taro, and Hazelnut. Mine was the Taro, it tastes so good.

This is Hazelnut.

This is Caramel.

This Winter Melon.

This is mine, the Taro. It's already half done because it really tastes good.

I couldn't resist trying every drink. All the drinks is already half done. We started drinking it on our way home. Thank you to my sister Hannah for buying this drink. It really is the best tea drink that I have ever drank.

Hope you like it! God bless!


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