Summer diaries: Ilocos day 2

This is our 2nd day in Ilocos. I can say that this day was pretty tiring because we went to a lot of places and we stayed in two different hotels in the whole 3 day trip. 

This is in Fort Ilocandia Resort.

This is the Municipal Hall of Ilocos.

This is the Light house we went to. 

I forgot the name of the place but the tourist spot here is that white rock formation at the picture. There is a lot of people.

This is the famous wind mill in Ilocos.

Oh! have you noticed my new Header? please leave a comment about what you think about my new header. (comments are appreciated)

Hope you like it! God bless!


  1. Beautiful place! I love your header and I especially love the title name...keep on dreaming... :)

    1. Thanks!. your opinion is so much appreciated. do you know anyone who makes headers??


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