His unending LOVE for me

I just received another blessing from God. He just never fails to love me. Even though how many times I make mistakes, He always forgives me. I named my post today "He's unending LOVE for me" because like what I said he never fails to love me. Always remember guys that the Lord is always by your side to protect you and guide you always, no matter what happened or will happen to your life just always trust Him and everything will be alright.

POLO: Bench

PANTS: Hang Ten


BAG: from Singapore

NECKLACE: Sugar-kissed

This is what I wore to the mall yesterday with my mom and sister, again. You might think that I am crazy for wearing hot clothes for a hot summer but one thing I can say is that I never got hot with this clothes. I still felt cool and fresh with it. 

Remember that I told you before that I went to the mall without buying anything but now I bought something that can really be handy for this summer. It's shoes! I just super love shoes. I am a shoe addict, that's one thing you should really know about me. Shoes makes a simple outfit into chic.

 Bought it from Primadonna. Primadonna is my favorite shoe store. Everything in there is vintage yet chic and still in. I love the color of it and I never really liked flats but because of Primadonna, they made me fall in love with it.

Remember guys that the Lord is always by your side protecting, guiding and most especially loving you!

Hope you like it! God bless!


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