I was actually thinking what name would be the best for this look. Would it be "School Girl" or "Ballerina" but still I named it "Ballerina". Do you think I look like one??

This is what I wore to church last week. If you have read my other posts, I told there that I dance every week at our church and this is what I thought of wearing. 

Ever heard of "SKORTS"?? Well I'll introduce you to it. SKORTS is a skirt + shorts made into one and the result is SKORTS. That was what I was wearing. It's just like "JEGGINGS", leggings + jeans = JEGGINGS. Amazing isn't it?

As soon as my mom gave me this SKORTS, I just knew I had to wear it.

TOP: Shapes | SKORTS: gift from my mom

SHOES: Parisian

BRACELET: Y.R.Y.S. | BELT: borrowed it from mom

 Hope you like it!.


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