Winter Fest

So I was not in the Philippines for a week that's why I never got the chance to update my blog, I was in Macau and Hongkong for a family trip that's why I have these pictures with me. I only pictured two of my outfits, one in Macau and the other one is in Hongkong. It was so hard finding time to picture my other outfits in the trip because we were so busy taking pictures of the places we went to. I'll post my other outfit and our trip on the coming days, watch out for it.

 So here I am posing. These pictures were actually taken at three different places. The first place was at Temple, I think. All I remember is that it is where Boys Over Flowers shooted one of their episodes when they were in Macau. I only knew it when my auntie told me about it.

 SCARF & CARDIGAN: it's from Australia | TOP: Bossini
 BAG: borrowed it from my sister
 BOOTS: bought in a shop in Macau on the trip
 I went with something very comfortable and just simple because I know that there will be a lot of walking. It was winter when we went that's why I was wearing a scarf and cardigan.
 These photos were taken at a place where you can see Pandas. My sister loved the view and then we started taking Photos of me again while we were resting from a very long walk.

 This is actually a very cool picture taken by my sister. This is the first time i did this kind of photo. It feels like I'm flying. I super love it. It's so cool.

 And for the last place, it is inside The Venetian Hotel, the Grand Canal shops. I actually liked that place because it makes you feel you are in Venice.

So catch up for the pictures of the whole trip. You'll be amazed of how beautiful it is in Macau and Hongkong. That's all for today, Hoped you liked it.



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