Sunday Church Outfits

Summer days are over and it's getting really windy all over the Philippines. Goodbye to sticky heat, skin baring outfits and iced drinks. I am so excited for the cozy nights, layered clothes and hot milk tea. I still love Summer but I would love to experience it in another country. Summer here in the Philippines is just so different. The burning sun hurts your skin and you always feel sticky.

But ranting aside, here's a video my sister and I made showcasing our last week's Sunday Church Outfits. My family and I regularly attend a Sunday service. Not going gives a you a feeling of incompleteness.

By the way, I'd like to apologize If I post outdated photos or videos like this one. This video was uploaded last last week Monday but I only got the chance to blog about it today. You could also subscribe too my sister's Youtube channel here for more updates and videos.

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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