Shoe Haul

So here's a little Shoe haul that I thought I'd share with you. If you must know I have this oddly craziness/addiction to shoes. I feel like that 70% of this blog started because of my love for shoes.

1. Birkenstock alternative - I have been looking for Birkenstock alternatives for a very long time before I bought these beauties. I just didn't want to buy the original ones because it was way too expensive for a student like me. Nonetheless, it is comfy and it suits my feet perfectly. |PURCHASED IN: The SM Store| 

2. Puma (Black and White) - While I was looking for a Nike Roshe Run in black and white, I came across this gorgeous Puma shoes. It is very comfy that I could like wear it the whole day. It was a birthday gift from my mom(BEST MOM!). |PURCHASED IN: Sports Central|

3. Parisian pointed shoes - I went shopping with my friends to look for some great shoes I could buy as a gift for myself and these is what I've found. I have always been a fan of pointed shoes and these were perfect. I love the gold heels. |PURCHASED IN: The SM Store| 

4. Parisian white shoes - Ever since I saw some bloggers and vloggers wear these two-strapped sandals, I was so sure that I needed to have one. My dad bought it for me for no reason. I just loved it and he purchased it for me(BEST DAD!). |PURCHASED IN: The SM Store| 

All in all, I loved all the shoes. No regrets.

Hope you like it! God bless!
- Chloe


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