Since I haven't been doing outfit posts for a couple of weeks I've decided to blog and share random things that has been happening in my life. 

1. I got a new hairdo. Since it's a new year I've decided to get my hair ombre-d. 
2. Helped my sister bake cupcakes for her online store Hannah's Confection (You should totally visit the facebook page) .They are super cute and really delicious. 
3. I am currently addicted to M&M's. I've been eating a lot of them for the past few weeks. Good for studying hahaha.
4. Zeus, a new member of the family.
5. If I had a new hairdo then my blog should have a make-over. It's been so long since I have given my blog a new look. Do you like it?
6. I am so excited for the God's Not Dead movie which is coming out on March 21.
7. Teen Wolf season 3 is the best. Every episode has twists which is very exciting.

Photos from 1-3 came from my instagram(Follow me). 

P.S. I'll be doing outfit posts soon so watch out for that!

Hope you like it! God bless!


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