Featured: SM - YOUTH

DENIM JACKET: Vintage | TOP: DIY (same here) | BOOTS: from Macau
This is what I like about the college I chose to go to. You can freely express yourself through the way you dress and sometimes can get credits for it. Students can be as fashionable as they can be though there are restrictions that must be followed. In my school, there are a lot of fashionable students who you can get inspiration from. Every student is creative in their own way. A well known blogger, fashion photographer and student from DLS-CSB School of Fashion design and Arts has been taking a lot of pictures of stylish people around the campus/building for SM-youth's website. He is Bjorn Bedayo but some mistaken him as Bjorn Manila. I'm just so happy that I got featured in SM-youth because of him. 

Hope you like it! God bless!


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