Highlights of my week

1. I got the chance to see Candy cutie and DLSU basketball player Thomas Torres. (He's so handsome)
2. I had a shoot with one of the great photographers I know, Shaira Olaya.
3. I was featured in the The SDA Project's site and Instagram.
4. I watched the movie Eragon which was a very good movie.

These are my Highlights of the week. It is the things I did within the week that are pretty much memorable for me. Well, I can say that every week at school I like to keep myself busy whenever I have free time. I watch movies, sometimes hangout with friends and explore new cafes or restaurants, do some shoots, or look through some blogs. I'll be doing this "Highlights of the week" more often so watch out for the upcoming ones.

Hope you like it! God bless!


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