Summer diaries: Ilocos day 1

Well I spent the weekend with my mom and little sister at Ilocos. We went there friday at 12 noon. We drove there for like 8 to 10 hours. It was pretty tiring but it was all worth it. We went to a lot of places in just one day. The whole trip was really organized. I was so lucky to see all God's beautiful creations in Ilocos that's why we should learn to appreciate this little things God gave us, just a simple thank you would do. After seeing the beauty of Ilocos, I just prayed right away and said thank you for a safe trip and making me realized that there is a lot of good things we don't see, it may be big or small. We just have to open our eyes and try searching. 

First thing we did is we went to this zoo in Ilocos called Baluarte. It was a very big place and there is a lot of animals there.

My mom. 

My aunt.

Second, we went to Vigan. We shopped a little bit there.  We shopped for souvenirs and "pasalubongs".

Look at this shop. Everything is antique, Cool right??

The ice cream we ate. The flavors were buko, avocado and I think cheese. It was so yummy. Eating it takes me back to the old times.

Bagnet. If we call it Lechon then Ilocanos call it Bagnet.

My mom and sister.

Third, we went to this church and there was a nearby restaurant where we ate lunch. The restaurant specializes Pinakbet pizza. It was the first time I tasted that kind of pizza. 

Fourth, we went to the World Peace Center where you can see a lot of pictures of Imelda Marcos and Ferdinand Marcos. Imelda Marcos' office was in there.

Fifth and last place we went in our first day was Ferdinand Marcos' Presidential Center. There was a wax figure there of Ferdinand Marcos.

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos' house.

Oh, and have you noticed my title?? It says there "Summer diaries". This only means that I'll be starting a diary and it's a diary of my summer. I'll be sharing things that will happen to me this summer, but I can say that my summer schedule is pretty hectic for a teenager like me. I'll be doing a lot of reviews for my college entrance exam which I hope I'll pass and a lot more things so I hope you'll stay tuned.

I hope you like it! God bless!


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