Summer diaries: Fly like the wind

This is just a simple outfit for a very sunny day. It was hot that's why I thought of wearing shorts and cool colors though it is not that much seen in the pictures.I just love the print of my shirt considering that it is where I got the title for this post. If you can't see it clearly, it's birds.

SHORTS: Ann Taylor | BELT: borrowed from my sister
If you have been following my blog, for sure that this is the fourth time you have seen this shorts, it's because I like it and it can be easily paired with a lot of my tops and I am not afraid to repeat clothes because it would be a total waste of clothes if you don't repeat wearing them.

BIB: Sugar-Kissed


TEE: from Australia

A tip for this summer: Never ever wear black, it's so hot and you can't barely breath in black. Just light colors and never be afraid to play with it or add a little funkiness to it.

I hope everyone's having a blessed day.

I hope you like it! God bless!


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