Never let Me go

I just had a very exhausting day yesterday. Me and my classmates had a swimming party yesterday. I'll post more on that tomorrow.

Now back to my outfit. I wore black and white with a hint of pink just to add a little funkiness. It was so hot that's why I just wore cool colors and shorts. I loved the blend of my pink watch and flip flops to my black and white top and shorts. I just wore flip flops because it was a swimming party and to make my outfit simple yet funky because of it's color.

Hype this look here.

 Sorry for my weird faces, it's because of the sunlight.

TOP: S.M. Department store | SHORTS: Ann Taylor

WATCH: Bench

BIB: Sugar-kissed

BELT: My sister's own

FLIP FLOPS: Havaianas

Photos by Shaira Olaya

Thank you so much to my dear friend Shaira who took this photos. Love you Shaira!

Hope you had a blessed Sunday today. 

Hope you like it!. God bless!


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