Tour in Hongkong: Day 3

I'm sorry for this very late post. I just remembered to blog it right now.

So back to what happened to our one week trip in Macau and Hongkong, but this trip happened in Hongkong. If you have read my older posts about our trip, I posted there that we went to Hongkong Disneyland and right after that day, we went to this place that I was shocked about, it is in the newly built Ocean Park in Hongkong. That was the time that I realized that there are Ocean Parks built outside the country. I thought that Ocean Park was just made for Filipinos and tourist in the Philippines only. I was a bit shocked when my auntie told me that we are going to Ocean Park in HONGKONG! Cool right??

ENJOY this pictures I prepared for you all to see in our trip.

This is the ticket.

 We rode a cable car to go more fun rides. It was a actually one of the highest and longest cable car ride I've rode.

HAIR RAISER. One of the scariest ride I have ever rode in my 15 years of existence. Before we went to Hongkong, I told myself already that I would be riding every ride I could possibly ride but I never expected that it would be this SCARY!. My heart was beating so fast while we were falling in line. This ride really does raises your hair. I think it has 3 to 5 loops. Scary isn't it??. I rode it with my cousins, sisters, auntie and uncle.

I forgot the name of this ride but I didn't ride it. My sister, cousin and auntie only rode it. I was to coward enough to ride it because it's so scary. It goes up and down then it circles around.

The day was not yet over. After a half-day in Ocean Park, we went to the Peak Tram Historical Gallery and the Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum. I'll tell the story as the pictures goes by.

Here it is, sorry if the picture is blurred. It was night out that's why it's so hard to see in the camera.

Here is one Wax figure. I think it's Hongkong's president or ambassador.

This is the train we rode to go to the Peak.

Histories of Macau.

It was so high and cold up. I can't even dare myself to look at the great view.

These are the famous artists I saw in the Museum. These are only wax, they are not true.
Nicole Kidman

Robert Pattinson
WAAAHH!. It's Robert Pattinson. I'm a fan forever. He's so handsome.

Madame Tussaud
She is the inventor of it all. She invented making wax figures.

 Albert Einstein

I look strange in here.

My cousin was a laugh out there. He pranked others that he was a wax figure also. People even took photos of him and, when they took pictures he would start to move and people would start to laugh also.

It was the greatest trip of all. It was full of laughs, walking, shopping, eating, discovering new places/histories and memories.

Hope you like it!.


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