Teacher Perfect

Ever since I saw this outfit in my closet, I think of it as a teacher's uniform, don't you think??. I even asked my mom if looked like a teacher but she keeps on telling me that it doesn't because she gave me this.

This is what I wore to church and to lunch with my Grandfather. It was actually a very fantastic Sunday. I had fun eating lunch at my Grandfather's house.

So I thought of wearing this because it has been in my closet like forever. I never got the chance to wear it because I was too afraid that I might look old but it turned out to be good after all.

RING: SM Accessories | BAG: Kimbel

SHOES: primadonna

  I just wanna say that this is not a dress. A lot actually mistaken it as a dress but it's not. I just tucked the top in to make it more look a bit of my age though it didn't work out. I liked the print of the top and the skirt though.

Hope you like it.


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