Tour in Macau

 I'll tour you in Macau

This is really our first day in Macau. We didn't have our day tour that time because our flight was 7:00 pm and we arrived in Macau at 9:00pm. We planned on resting first rather than going on tour after riding a plane.

This are some of the pictures we took in the flat we stayed in Macau. It was actually pretty cool living in that flat. Even the owners were very accommodating too. I'll post our pictures with them on my other following posts.

Look who met along the tour. A new member of the family. She's so cute. Her mom was a life saver. When we got lost  on our first night looking for the flat we were going to stay to, her mom was the first Filipino who helped us. Filipinos are really very helpful people.

Her name is Yanee (I don't know if my spelling is right). She's even guides us also. She's so adorable.

This is the first place we went to. We rode a Cable car. It was so fun. I even thought it was going too high but it is pretty cool.

It's my Aunt Edna and Mom.

Just look how big our family is. I super love them.

Second place we went to. I don't know what the place's name is.

While walking down the streets we saw this store where we found cool snacks. Even though it is cold in Macau we still drank cold drinks like this strawberry shake that I really liked. Can't get enough of it.

We ate waffles. Super tasty. It's flavor is peanut butter.

 Third place we went to is this church that I totally forgot the name. There is History behind this church.

Fourth place we went to. This was already at night. I super like this place.

Fifth place we went to is the the Wynn  Hotel.

Grand Lisboa.

This is the Wynn Hotel. This is where we ate dinner.

We watched a show in here. It was so cool. I'll post the videos next time.

We ate this for dinner. Beef  noodles.

Well, it was a very exhausting day for me. Try to think of it, we went to five different places in a day. That day was full of adventures. I'm never gonna forget this trip. I'm sorry if I only posted some of the pictures of that day. It was too many.

see you next time.

I hope you like it.



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